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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It's not the number, but the fact that i'm on my way to making progress again that is exciting. It's funny... The whole Hawaii thing is what is a HUGE driver for me to succeed. I've always known it's vanity mostly that makes me workout, but as I get older I just want to set myself for the best health.

I'm still looking at diets, but I think I'm good with my new workouts. Right now I am doing crossfit which makes me want to shoot myself at times, but in the end I feel so much better about myself (asides from the soreness which I am getting a lot.) The best part is that there are three owners there to watch over the activities and keep you motivated. So shoutout to Dan, Garnett, and Jason (in alphabetical order.) This blog is still moreso personal than anything else, but I am feeling better about myself. I wish I had a picture of me in ROTC to show them the good shape I was in and to give myself more to aspire for again. No more back in the day I was fit and in shape. Going to get back into the swings of things again!

I felt so good about my weight loss that I ended up going on the eliptical despite it being a recovery day for me. This was instead of going to Mr. Greeks, a nice greasy hamburger, gyros, fries, etc. joint... That pizza puff would have been soo good though.

Been thinking about pizza puffs a lot lately... I guess I'll just indulge in Hawaii though!

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