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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, it's a new year and only 4 days until Hawaii. I can't say I've gotten anywhere near the weight I wanted to hit before Hawaii... Scratch that... I should not go by weight as much as I am definitely stronger through working out at work again. I'll rephrase the weight loss into not feeling as fit and as in shape as I wanted to be before Hawaii.

Couple of issues that I just shrugged off beforehand that I thought I could be tough against.

Holidays: New Years and Christmas (eve and the day for both.) I did not take into account how much food there would be and even with light grazing there was no way I could stand a chance.

One of my closest friend's marriage: Well you can think one night can't be that bad, but it was three nights of food. Combine that with how late the meals were and it was just not a good combination for myself and my "diet".

Really though for both it's one of those things that is to be expected and I am not down at all looking back. Yes I could have worked out at this crossfit gym, but I made choices to spend time with friends I rarely see, to enjoy myself during times with family, and just treat myself when I've been stressed about a lot of things going on in my life.

On a positive note, I am slimmer in my waist and my arms are slightly bigger. If I just keep plugging away I am sure I'll get to where I want to be for my fitness and overall health goals.

Happy New Years!


  1. We'll continue this when we get back from Hawaii... we'll have to start going to the row fit classes and bikram yoga.

  2. Boo. Mike, you can't be afraid to be hard on yourself. If you want change, you have to sacrifice to achieve it.

    I know what you mean about holidays and weddings and such, but you can always work around that. Limit the amount of food you take in by controlling portions, bringing your own healthy food to family get togethers, etc. It's all doable if you want it.

    None of it is ever easy... the human psyche always wants what we can't have. You're on a diet where you can't eat carbs? You'll suddenly miss bread, sugar, and rice. You trying to go low fat? You'll suddenly want butter, eggs, and some olive oil.

    We are our own worst enemy. We have to choose to conquer our own weaknesses.

    Keep your chin up, enjoy Hawaii, and I hope to see you in the gym a few more times this week as well as regularly when you get back from Hawaii! Don't forget to eat some great shaved ice and musubi out there!