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Sunday, December 19, 2010

December: Holidays, Birthdays, and other special occassions

It doesn't help that a few days after starting this blog that it was my sister's birthday. Not a big deal normally, but because my parents love the casino there is the problem of crab leg buffet. Usually I'll have a little bit of everything that I like. This includes carving station items, mac and cheese, polish sausage, crab rangoon, crab legs, and a varied assortment of dessert. Really not a good idea to have any buffets as I don't like stopping trying to get the most value and just having the mindset of all you can eat.

There is also Christmas in which my mom doesn't want to cook so she wants to order deep dish pizza. I don't think she listens when I say I don't want to eat that, but whatever. In addition to Christmas and my sister's birthday there is the inevitable pizza at work for the people working during the holiday weeks and my good friend's wedding and bachelor party.

Overall, I've been doing okay with the food. For the buffet, I ended up making myself a big plate of salad with no dressing and cottage cheese/sunflower seeds for a little bit of fat and taste. Of course I added olives and other veggies, but this was from a crappy casino buffet so I wasn't thrilled about the quality. Besides the salad, I did have a lot of crab, but that was to be expected for me. I don't use butter and eat the crab plain aside from a bit of Thai seafood sauce.

The bachelor party was not so good for me, but it's my friend's party and I did the best I could. I did have some snacks like chips, but I did partake in the veggie tray moreso. The worse was the two pizza slices and ice cream. I was supposed to workout at this crossfit gym, but considering I was out late for my friend I can't be too mad at myself. I'll just be sure to do something later and not just watch football.

For Christmas and New Years, I will just try and make it a point not to partake in anything bad or if necessary severely limit what I eat of the bad stuff (because it still tastes oh so good.) Maybe I will cook some chicken and/or turkey with veggies and bring it over. I think it'd be really good to have that as opposed to my mom's idea of pizza and fried squid.

I think what will help a great deal is a food journal. Here's what I've had today so far:

2 cups of cherries - 174 calories
2 clementines - 70 calories
1/2 apple - 47 calories
1 cup grapes - 104 calories

395 calories and I feel full right now. I'll try to go for something more substantial later, but I am content with the fruit right now.

It's early for this blog and I know I only have one follower right now and possibly will only have one, but what is your favorite good for you snack?


  1. sargento light string cheese OR greek yogurt with honey topped with roasted walnuts. Both are high in protein and low in calories and fat.

  2. Word to alisa... sorta.

    Knowing that if you want to get cut up FAST, you need to cut carbs, the favorite snacks are:

    Mozzarella string cheese
    Handful of almonds
    Celery sticks with some peanutbutter spread

    You wanna hit the gym tonight?

  3. It's a shame... The best foods are carbs. Reading a ton of books and doing research. Will go over a bunch of what I read in posts to come.

  4. Let me know if you want to chat more about any specific diets... A modified South Beach is really what I followed a few years back to lose a bunch of weight.

    Combined with your workouts at Chicago Elite Fitness, I think you'll be seeing some results pretty quickly.