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Friday, October 28, 2011

Wow... I'm 30

So I turned 30 recently and got to enjoy myself 3 times with cheat meals. While I didn't like what I saw on the scale after the weekend, I am content with myself again. It's important to allow yourself things you enjoy. For me, being a foodie brings me much joy. Considering I don't have a cheat day every week. I actually haven't given myself one besides my birthday for a couple of months. Here is a pic of me and my gf after going to the best brunch I've ever had! Getting slimmer again! I guess I should post a before pic from earlier in the year to see a difference. Maybe that will be later...

Right now I'm at 209.8lbs. I do look at the scale everyday, BUT I don't let it rule me. Sure, I get a bit discouraged if I don't like the number I see, but I know I am making progress overall and change doesn't occur instantly for becoming a healthier person.

My female bootcamp instructor, Julie was amazed at my loss as I haven't been to her classes in a while. It's always good to hear encouragement. I have a determination to get to a level of health I've never reached before and it will be hard to deter me at this point, but it's always good to have support on your side. I think that's why I'm liking my bootcamp classes a lot. I do feel like I compete a bit, but there is also a camaraderie from my fellow bootcampers as well as guidance from the trainers.

Oh... talking about getting to a certain level of health, I've set my long term goal to be at 165-170lbs. Essentially, as long as I don't lose muscle mass along with the fat, I should easily have a 6-pack. I actually have a body I want to emulate. I know it's a long way away (~40-45lbs), but I think I can make this by next summer or so. Anyways, I have posted a picture of the body I want. Yes, I think it's funny to even think of this as my long-term goal, but hey... if you have to dream then dream big. Btw... That's Buakaw Por Pramuk. I'm researching where his training camp for the off chance I may be able to see him while I am in Thailand. He's an inch taller than me, but I think he is a good fit for me to try and emulate... maybe one day (and probably billions of sit-ups and kicking drills) I can get a body like his.

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