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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whoa... I lost another 15lbs since my last post!!!

So yeah. I'm sure everyone is smart enough to do the math, but after weighing myself I found myself to be 210.4lbs. I feel like I am losing weight like I am on The Biggest Loser, but I know that I am fine in how much weight I am losing. I am eating much healthier and I did use MediWeight Loss Clinics for a bit of the time. I will not give much credit to them as I don't think they've been that helpful, but I will say that I owe a lot to Tony Battle at Chicago Fitness Coach for my weight loss.

I think the reason for my success is because of my support system. Sure, I can lose the weight by myself w/o support, but I have my girlfriend who is supporting me (I've had problems with gaining weight before when I get comfortable in a relationship) and I also have a place to workout hard where I don't have to think about my workout. With bootcamp classes, I don't have to worry about what I'm going to work on like I did when I was at the gym. Also, I can't slack in class like I can when working out by myself. With my girlfriend, we push each other though I admit I do get a bit zealous with my health craze. It's good to have someone who is getting fit with me!

So with the additional weight loss comes a ton of benefits. Everything fits better for clothes! Like it or not, we're all a bit superficial and vain. I got my haircut today and it's the first time I didn't sit in the chair and look at a round face. It's only slightly round now. That means a lot to me. It brings confidence and gets the ball rolling for more progress. The compliments I get helps a lot!

My blood pressure and heart rate are totally normal now and not at all on the high side. My resting heart rate is also lower. Health wise, I feel great. While I am nowhere close to my skinniest, I do feel almost as fit as I've ever been. When I was at my skinniest, I was a cardio fiend and I don't think that was the best for me.

Right now, my goal for the end of the year is to hit 200 or less while not losing any of the muscle I've gained. That gives me 74 days to make the goal. Really, I think it'll be pretty easy to hit, but I do expect to hit a plateau soon... If I had my way I'd hit 190 with muscle gain.

So what does that mean for what I'm doing now? Well, it means more days of being strict with myself. I haven't indulged myself and have been eating healthy. Even when going out, I'll still watch myself where I'm not even close to going over my calories I burn a day. I miss my food trucks because of this sacrifice. I miss my indulgences. I miss being a foodie. Honestly, healthy cooking is a bit boring as I don't have really cook too much for variety. It's been a lot of chicken breast and egg beaters for myself with different veggies. Working out will be the same. I may add extra days if possible of workouts, but we'll see about that after I refer to my bootcamp instructor.

It's been a lot of sacrifice... but so far with the results it's been totally worth it! There are times when I think it's not, but that's temporary situations. I'm happier and healthier like this overall... I wouldn't change anything I've been doing except work harder!

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  1. Sounds like lots of good changes in your diet and exercise regimen! Bound to be healthier with that!

    Congrats! And don't forget that the occasional indulgence is always good. It's just very important to define occasional appropriately as well.