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Monday, September 26, 2011

Below 225!!!

So many obstacles to get through and endure... and yet... I am starting to totally feel I'm really progressing.

Obviously, I didn't keep my other goal for weight loss by September for my cousin's wedding. I didn't even go as there was a lot going on. However, things are finally settling a bit (besides work which always sucks so whatever.)

Finally, I have been able to focus better on working out which I've been doing quite regularly now. I'll even try and go upstairs to workout during lunch at work if I have time though I haven't been able to block off time to do so regularly yet.

Honestly, I want to say my weight loss is because of others like my bootcamp instructors, my girlfriend, or because others worry about me... It really is because of me though. When stressed, I don't grab a pizza puff. Even when I feel lazy, I make myself go to workout as I love the feeling I get after I'm done with the workout. I really should talk about my bootcamp classes sometime soon as I love the variety and always feel challenged (there are some exercises that are staples that I don't like though.) Maybe next post...

None of my usual comfort foods are turned to right now. I will admit my weight should be lower as before I started my new nutrition regiment I indulged myself. I had 2 hot dogs, a pizza puff, and fries on a Monday and a big thing of combination fried rice on Tuesday. Besides a hamburger, I essentially ate all my favorite fast food. Now, I'm on a hiatus from that kind of food until Thailand (going to Thailand around the end of the year!). Sure, I probably can have the things I love once in a while, but I'm content with the healthier stuff for now and since it's a while away everytime I treat myself will add up a bit. I know that if I fall off when I'm being so strict that it would probably be harsh or start me on another cycle of indulging, but I want to be able to walk around without a shirt on the beach and enjoy myself.

Anyways, just wanted to post on my sub-250 milestone.

Maybe I should make a short-term goal for my birthday... If I have around a month what do you think it should be? Personally I'd love to say 200 or sub-200, but I don't think it'd be too realistic for around a month timeframe. Maybe I'll say 210-215?


  1. Congrats bro! That's awesome. I plan on being back for your big birthday.

  2. Gratz on 225! We had a bad cheat weekend (four days of bad eating) due to being at conference, wedding rehearsal dinner, wedding party, and then family dinner... Unfortunately it took one week to get rid off half the weight I picked up that weekend. Crazy. Floating at 164 now.

    If you're gunning for 200, I'd say one cheat item a week. So once a week, pick if you're going to have a pizza puff, or a pair of hot dogs, or a few slices of pizza, etc. It's much more aggressive of a plan, and you'll be in better shape for Thailand.

    You ever going back to CEF? ;)

  3. Didn't even see your post until now Derrick... I honestly really liked Chicago Elite Fitness, but I did Chicago Fitness Coach first and have lots of friends there, including Alisa. Do you think they'd let me do weekends like you do? If so, I want to give them business as I appreciated everything from them as well.

  4. No idea... I think part of the reason they worked me around weekends is because I brought them some business, got them some equipment they needed, and spend a LOT of time working out with them the first three months they were open.

    I'm guessing it doesn't hurt to ask if they have some kind of discounted rate for weekend access only? But it's definitely the rarity.

    Are you far from CEF nowadays? Or still living close in the city?