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Monday, August 22, 2011

Salad... Starting to feel like a rabbit

232.8lbs. I did go below 230, but after bday celebration feasts I weight in at 232.8 this morning. Oh well.

Just wanted to post on my lunch of a sandwich and salad. Getting really sick of the salad. Even with different greens and different veggies one can only vary it so much where it really seems different. I'm starting to not like my lunches and put off eating stuff while I work. I'm not starving or anything and it's funny that I will actively choose to not eat right away around noon. I think I'm finally getting away from eating because it's time to eat or because I'm bored mentality.

Anyways, salad is a great filler as I sit here and type this stuffed from the salad I ate. I just think a little variety needs to be had. Tomorrow I am going to try and make the tofu noodles (google hungry girl and pasta and you should be able to see what I'm talking about). Hopefully it'll be something I can have instead of salad almost every weekday. Really will try to post pics of things soon as well.

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