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Friday, August 5, 2011

232.2 lbs. I think the last time I was back around this weight was December of last year. Hard to keep track when I barely keep up with this blog...

Anyways, have done a few of my bootcamp classes again. Lots has happened since last time I posted which I don't think I'll get into really, but needless to say it's been a draining time for quite a while.

The last two bootcamps I had to forego some of the exercises with one of them where I actually had to vomit outside and the other time I had to stop as I was really winded. Tony, my instructor said it was the food I've been eating and I agree. Pizza puffs and hot dogs have really been comforting during my last weeks at my old apartment and even before then, but it's not the fuel or building blocks I want for my body.

Food from the casino which my parents love to bring home or ask for me and my gf to go eat doesn't help either and just compounds the junk I am putting in my body. The problem is I always feel bad saying no especially when I have to keep repeating myself. It's ridiculous really.

Anyways, I have lots to write about, but I thought I would just touch on that first. I think that may have been my undoing before. While I lost a lot of weight with and also nutrisystem once I got off their system I would slowly put the weight back on. I'll talk more about those programs another time as I really liked them, but I do have some critiques for them as well.

232.2 from 237 all from diet changes and starting to workout again. I know it's just my body adjusting to eating better again and it's probably loss of water weight, but still it's progress again at least... More later...

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