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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

137 days...

Forewarning: This is going to be pretty long and winded... so I apologize in advance to whoever reads my blog.

Ok, I need to update this before I get off track as I've been really busy lately...

137 days. Kind of a weird number huh? What is in 137 days? Why 137 days? What about 137 days?

Well... Much has happened between last post and now. I didn't even really have too much to say in the last post either.

First of all, I'm done with all my groupons, youswoops, living social, etc. coupons I had and I enjoyed boot camp the most at Chicago Elite Fitness. Recently, there was another deal for them on youswoop so I bought 3 deals. Essentially, I have 30 classes that are good until October. At 30 dollars for ten classes this wasn't that bad of a deal especially since I really enjoy the classes and am motivated by the instructor. Now I just need to start using them which is hard since I'd like to do them with my girlfriend and it's not the easiest to schedule times.

While I do have my bootcamp classes in pocket to use there are factors that are deterring my fitness goals. One of them is my job. I don't think I could ever truly say I loved my job, but it's been good money. Lately, and actually in spurts I have loathed my job. Just now I received an e-mail that just upsets me so much when I usually just keep things inside. The problem is that I do not bounce back to being okay with it like I used to do. I resent coming in everyday it feels like and I tend to keep different hours now just because I don't feel a need to come in on a better time. While most of the time the time I do spend on the job is ok, lately it's been nothing, but stressful. I've taken my lunches as my only respite and I find myself walking around the loop looking for places to eat.

In looking for places to eat, I've found and have grown to love the food truck culture which is growing in Chicago. I've become friends with one of the owners/drivers and I will eat his food at least once a week which damages both my wallet and doesn't help me trying to eat healthier. On average, I will spend 5-15 dollars a day on food and it's never for anything healthy. It's just food that satisfies my taste buds giving me a bit of happiness for the day. Last week because of work, I was leaving around 6PM which led to late dinners.

So it's not just eating unhealthy at lunch. I do the same for dinner. Sometimes, I skip it because I'm so stressed that I end up sleeping right away (if I can.) If not skipped, I eat late and also never anything homecooked. Last week I had NY style pizza, chinese food x2, a cheeseburger with a fried egg on top, and chick-fil-a. It's ridiculous that I spend all this money instead of saving it like I really need to do, but it's how it will be for the next two months at least.

Unfortunately, I was mistaken in when I get to move out of my current living situation. It is end of June and not end of May. Part of my reason I don't cook at home is because I don't care to see or interact with some roommates. I don't know if it's work that adds on to my stress which causes my tolerance to lessen or if it's just because I just reached a point where I can't shrug off my living situation, but right now i'm just unhappy most of the time. There are just a lot of things at home that annoy me to the point that now I get upset. My problem is that I don't usually say anything as I haven't quite learned how to censor or filter myself where I can get my point across without blowing up.

So enough of all my woes... 137 days... well the date isn't really as important to me as it would be to my cousin who is getting married in 137 days. So why am I using their wedding date? Well, I do like the suit I wore for a friend's wedding in December, but I'd rather fit into a suit I wore almost 2 years ago. With everything seeming to not go my way as of late, I need to take up my goal (and my blogging) again... If anything, it will let remind me and possible motivate myself to try to keep myself on track.

137 days isn't a bad number for a goal. I like how it allows myself to be flexible with my goal. There is no real end result asides into fitting into my suit... just a date. It's not short where it feels like I have to be strict with myself to accomplish anything and it's not too far off where I can keep making excuses. We'll see how this goes...

For now, to solve the not cooking at home problem, I've bought thinkThin bars. While it's not a great solution or even a good solution, I at least have the option of eating something a healthier instead of carryout. I also have cereal that I can snack on in my room. Also, it may be time to retire my running shoes as I really want to try and strengthen my feet (broke left foot before) through minimalist running. I'll probably post on that separately in the future, but for now I'm going to put my shoes through the wash one more time and give them one more go.

With work, I can't stop the stress. I also can't (or rather I don't want to) stop frequenting the food trucks I like. So to compromise, I will only frequent 2 food trucks a week and will try and shoot for just one. For the days I do choose to go to the food truck, I will try to go to a farther location and walk/jog over. On the other days, I'll be going upstairs to the gym. Will this work out? Time will soon tell.

Other changes I've made is removing some guilty pleasures I have for my comfort food. No more burgers, pizza, or pizza puffs. I could mention other fast food, but really the items mentioned are my go to favorites... especially pizza puffs. I would put in hot dogs as they are bar none my most favorite, but that I'll allow once in a while. Also, my favorite food truck is a sausage one.

I think that's all I have for now. I really needed the break from work for writing this... Sorry again for the length. More to come sooner than later I hope.

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