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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Wow... so it's been a month since my last post. Soo much to say, yet I don't even know what to post...

An update to my progress should be appropriate. So it's 37 days until I leave for Thailand! Also, today is 52 days until my first half-marathon! Well, I've run the length before a couple times training for the Chicago marathon and obviously did that distance when I actually completed the marathon so it's not a big deal. The issues I see are the heat though we start at 5AM, training (I'll be in Thailand and just don't like running that much as I'm not a fan of endurance sports, mostly because of the body types of those athletes), and hydration since this is the 1st International Thai Half-Marathon. I am in much better shape than when I last ran the marathon so we'll see...

As far as weight is concerned, I haven't been concerned about it. I really need a measuring tape as that's the best way to document my results. With personal training, I know I've been gaining muscle, but how much compared to the fat loss is hard to tell. I did want to do a DXA scan, but it's not cheap and I'm on a budget right now. I do know that I am still getting results even though it's harder for me to notice. A person in boot camp class that hasn't gone in about a month commented on my loss saying it's a dramatic difference. At work, I was told I've lost even more weight and I haven't seen that person in only about 2 weeks.

Thinking about all the sacrifices I've gone through (I have cheated for the holidays, but I really wish I hadn't), I'm appreciative of all my compliments I've received that much more. I do wish my girlfriend wouldn't be so relaxed as it's hard to feel like I have to be the one to be strong for myself instead of us sacrificing together. When one person wants to backslide and indulge it's so much harder not to do the same. It's what it is though and my results are what I earned and means more the way things are now. I just resolve to not be bothered by it and focus on myself. It would be nice though to have a partner doing the same thing.

For this new year, I have decided to dramatically cut off a lot of meat for health, ethical, and environmental concerns. I've thought about this before, but here's why I really want to try and commit to foregoing meat.
Click here for the youtube link. FYI, I don't want to preach anything on this blog, but just am presenting information.

Anyways, below is a recent picture taken on NYE. Will REALLY need to do measurements soon and maybe a full pic sometime so I can have some more documentation on comparing myself in a couple of months. Also, will need to try not to indulge too much in Thailand except for fruits and veggies. I've decided that I can enjoy myself as much as I want with fresh produce. Maybe I'll try to explain that more next time.

Happy New Year!!!!

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